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As a professional surveyor, you know the importance of a survey in just about every transaction. It's our goal to educate buyers, real estate agents, and even title agents, about the need for a new survey. It's also our goal to make ordering a survey easy and reliable. To do this, PropLogix has built a nationwide network of surveyors--just like you--to service our growing list of title agents across the nation. We have a very strict set of criteria that you must adhere to, including but not limited to:

  • Being licensed in your state
  • Having adequate insurance (with PropLogix as a named insured)
  • Having a long standing reputation for quality and reliability
  • Having reasonable turnaround times

If you're interested in applying, please fill out the form below and our survey team will contact you directly. Together we can improve the surveying process; which means more surveys will be ordered and more buyers will be protected.




Q) Are there any fees that I would have to pay for this network?

A) No. We put a small markup on your fee to cover our technology, customer support and backend office expenses.

Q) What are the perks of joining your network?

A) When joining the PropLogix survey network, you will have the opportunity to submit a quote on our clients’ requests for surveys in your area.

Q) Is this network exclusive or are any surveyors allowed to join?

A) Any licensed surveyor is allowed to join. However, we reserve the right to remove anyone from the network for any reason.

Q) Am I obligated to perform a survey for all clients in my area?

A) You are not obligated, by any means, to perform services for our clients prior to submitting a quote. After you submit a quote to complete a job, if selected by our client, we expect you to complete it on-time and for the quoted price.

Q) How will I get notified if a client wants a quote?

A) We will send you an email and/or text notifying you when a client in your area is requesting a quote for a survey.

Q) How do I offer my services and quote?

A) From your smartphone or computer, you can easily respond to an RFP (Request For Proposal).

Q) Will I get notified if a client did not accept my quote?

A) Of course, we will definitely let you know if your quote was accepted or that the client selected someone else.

Q) Will I be able to contact the client myself?

A) Once the job is awarded, we will share contact information between the client and the surveyor.

Q) Will I get credit for my work?

A) We are NOT a surveyor and we will not take the credit for your work. Your name will be on the survey.

Q) What if I can't get the job done by the client’s closing date?

A) In most cases these buyers need a survey to complete the biggest purchase of their life. As you know, there are a lot of moving parts with a closing and causing a delay will really mess things up. We plan to track all delays and report them to clients with your future quotes. Completing your work by the date promised will help you get more work in the future.

Q) What is expected of me if a client cancels?

A) If you have completed the survey then we will work to collect all monies due. If you haven’t started then the client can cancel for no charge.

Q) Does PropLogix insure my work as a surveyor?

A) We do not insure your work, you must have your own insurance.

Q) Do I collect payment from the client myself?

A) Once you upload the job, we will instantly invoice the client. We will also track the closing of the property and ensure payment is sent promptly.

Q) How soon will I get paid?

A) You will be paid within 10 business days after we receive payment from our client.