Commercial Services

UCC Searches

Uniform Commercial Code Searches look for UCC-1 Filing Statements that show if a creditor has claim to equipment and personal property of a business.

Certificates of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy certifies a building's compliance with applicable building codes and other laws.

Certificates of Use

A Certificate of Use verifies that the structure was built for the proposed type of business and that use is allowed in the zoning district in which it's located.

Commercial Zoning Letters

Zoning Letters show what uses are permitted on the property in question.

Certificate of Good Standing

Certificate of Good Standing shows that a corporation or LLC is registered and authorized to do business in that state.

40 Year Recertification

Some municipalities require that a building be inspected once it's 40 years old, and then require it to be inspected once every 10 years after that.

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